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Qualifications & Training

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At Lockdown, we beleive that a truly stable representitive of this breed not only requires specific breeding but also the correct training and upbringing.

This means 2 things, firstly the dog should be bred out of stable parents, with a specific role in mind and secondly, new owners should commit to regular training with the dog as it matures. 




Not all Corsi are the same and their drive and temperament (to an extent) will be determined by the linage of that dog. 

It is important for owners and trainers to understand the characteristics and breed traits of the Cane Corso and to find training methods that work for that particular dog and handler. 

Lockdown Qualifications 



At Lockdown, we believe that continuous professional development is essential to the longevity of a successful breeding programme. 

Our ethos, alongside health, conformation and temperament is education. 

Through hands on experience, collaboration with other experts and pro-active learning we will continue to positively contribute to this breed for years to come.

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Training Partners


All of the recommended trainers below I work with or have worked with previously and can personally recommend their services.

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Brad K9 Crew, West Midlands
 (+44) 7787 793302

Services: Group Training, 1-2-1 residential, behaviour correction, protection and sport training.

Brad is the Lockdown trainer and assists in the training of all of our dogs. He is experienced with the breed and comes highly recommended.

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Black Tooth Dogs, Newquay
(+44) 7730 580653

Services: Training consultation, 1-2-1 training, behaviour correction.

Shaney at Black Tooth Dogs is breed familiar, owning a Lockdown Corso. Possessing a wealth of experience in the training sector, she specialises in working with people in understanding their dog's behaviour, how to get the best out of their dog and comes highly recommended. 

Shaney boarded and trained Vienna for 3 months in 2022 and had exceptional results.


Obsidian K9 Academy 

Services: Online Academy and nationwide support network, 1-2-1 sessions when booked in advance.

Obsidian Academy has been so valuable to us, their online academy will provide all the videos you need to start the basics before either needing a trainer or developing further. 

For a small fee each  month you can access hundreds of videos and also join your local group to share tips and receive support.

The Academy tours the UK once a year to do group sessions, but they are in high demand!

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