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We are very proud of our productions which are in family or working homes throughout the United Kingdom. Please click Here to see some more examples of our productions and the standard that we aim for.

Lockdown Puppies

Our puppies come from health tested and parents of a sound temperament. Puppies are not rehomed until 8-12 weeks, depending on their needs. Each pup will have a contract of sale and will be microchipped and health checked.

All lockdown kennel puppies will be registered with either the ICCF, ABKC or IKC with a full 4 generation enhanced pedigree as a minimum. Both parents will also be on the Cane Corso database, enabling you visibility of up to 10 generations family tree.

PLEASE NOTE: NONE of our productions will NOT be cropped and docked. This procedure is illegal in the United Kingdom under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Please find further information HERE, this includes what you should do if you come across an individual that conducts this illegal activity.

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The 'Lockdown' Standard

  • All pups are from health tested parents

  • All pups are registered and have at least a 4 generation pedigree and 10 generation traceable linage.

  • Puppies are raised in our family home and are subjected to the correct socialisation from birth to 8 weeks of age.

  • Puppies are raised on the best raw diet and supplemented in order to provide them with the best possible start

  • Every puppy will leave with an individual certificate of health, stamped by our vetinarian.

  • All puppies will be wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age.

  • Every puppy will be microchipped in accordance with UK law.

  • Every puppy will be sold with a contract of sale for customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

  • A complete puppy pack with a supply of starter food, toys, paperwork bundle and information on Raw feeding.

  • Invited in to our Lockdown Kennels UK Puppy group on Facebook, where you can network and ask for advice from members of the Lockdown Family. Everyone within this group owns a Lockdown puppy.



This month 2 dogs with some of the oldest and purest blood in the world were paired in the United Kingdom.

This is a remarkable step forward in bringing a true to type Cane Corso litter to the UK, at a time when the true essence and purpose of this breed is being lost through bad breeding decisions.

I am very proud to announce our next planned Lockdown litter:

La Nostra Storia Hannibal X Karma Della Negro Di Monte

This litter was planned before we found either dog… but I had a vision. Hannibal and Karma have been matched by bloodline, health and temperament and will produce a litter that will be paired to the most suitable, educated families.

Both parents are health tested (certification in hand) and all puppies will be endorsed (with conditions).

This Dyrium bloodline will continue with Lockdown through our keeper(s) and forms the start of my long term programme, with an aim of consistently producing the true to type Corso that I fell in love with in 2018.


Pre Birth Reservations:

MALE 1- RESERVED          

MALE 2- RESERVED          







All Lockdown Puppies come with and are:

Puppy Paperwork


Full pack documenting your pup's start in life, raw feeding guide, blanket with mums scent, 1 weeks supply of Raw food and some extra familiar goodies.

Officially Registered

All Lockdown Kennel puppies will be sold under a recognised registry either the IKC, ICCF or ABKC. Both parents will also be registered on the Cane Corso database (allowing you visibility of up to 10 generations for both parents.)

Fully Vet Checked and certified

Your puppy will be fully checked by our vet at 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks of age. Your puppy will have an individual vet stamped certificate of health.

All puppies will have at least their 1st vaccination and microchipped.

Raised with their parents

Our puppies are raised in the family home with their parents, every day noises , children and other dogs.

We feel that Lockdown Kennels UK puppies are provided with the best start in life with correct socialistaion to ensure they grow in to loyal, family or working dogs.


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