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'An experienced hand to help you do it the best way that you can!'
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Are you new to breeding & considering breeding your Cane Corso?
If so, our services are perfect for you...


What is a breeding mentor?

Ensure a correct and ethical process with an experienced breeding mentor. Welfare is at the forefront of my work and customer support is my expertise. Please feel free to look at over 40 reviews across our Facebook Page and Google.

A breeding mentor is someone that has extensive experience in canine breeding and generally specialises in a certain breed. Every breed has different requirements and knowledge of certain lines and genetics are essential when planning and preparing for a litter of puppies.

Breeding isn't just about putting 2 dogs together and hoping for the best. Your personal mentor will run you through every step of the process, from health testing through to responsible rehoming. You will be taught how to do things correctly, with the welfare of your female at the forefront and the end goal of producing dogs that are true to the original breed standard.

What does the mentor do?

The Lockdown breeders mentoring service provides full and comprehensive support for people that are new to breeding, using our 4 phase process from planning to ethical rehoming.

Our services are specifically aimed at Cane Corso owners and future breeders.

I am an experienced breeder of various breeds over the past 15 years. I have whelped tens of large breed litters, raised over 150 sociable, stable puppies and supported hundreds of customers. You will see my kennel and stud productions across every social media platform, having proudly worked with some of the best Cane Corso kennels in the UK and Europe. 

Specialising in the Cane Corso breed since 2018, with experience in pairing various lines successfully and the first kennel to produce a 'Double Dyrium' litter in the United Kingdom. 

I was voted within the Top 5 Cane Corso breeders in the United Kingdom in 2022 (Pupvine). 

A brief overview of What's Included...


- Pre mating health testing guidance

- Results interpretation

- Pedigree and linage analysis

- Pro's and con's 


- Supply of stud services

and management of natural mating

- Pro's/ Con's of Artificial Insemination

- Post mating and pregnancy support

- In person whelping support at your home*

- Whelping record keeping paperwork templates


- The first 24 hours post birth support

- Puppy raising, including early neurological stimulation (days 7-14)

- Early socialisation (Days 14- 42)

- Basic training

(Weeks 6-8)


- Litter paperwork and registry support

- Suitable customer selection and contracting

- Deposits and order of pick solutions

- Puppy pack paperwork

-Advertising across our social media platforms with over 9.5k followers*

- Use of the Lockdown Breeder Scheme badge*

- Website listing with a footfall of up to 20 visitors a day and 10 genuine puppy enquiries each week

* items are part of the Full Mentorship package only

Package Prices
Stud Fee (No support): TBD based on stud choice (Please contact to discuss)
- Support Package (Post mating/ No Stud): £899.00
- Lo
ckdown Full Stud and Support Package:  Stud Fee + £849.00

Additional Services
In person whelping services (12 hours) at your home: £450.00
This includes a pre whelping visit with your female to bond. (Midlands, Warwickshire and Leicestershire Only).

Emergency Whelping Services (Fast response within 1 hour)
£750.00 (12 hours at your home)


Our Promise...
We will never mentor more than 3 females within a given period, including a maximum of 1 in person whelp within the same week.
I will treat your female and litter as if it were our own and teach you the steps that you need to become a responsible, caring and ethical breeder.
When you are mentored by Lockdown, you become one of the family.

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