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Our first week training together <3- 12 weeks old

This week was Faith's first full week of training and really building a bond with me after her littermates leaving.

Every morning and evening we have been hand feeding her meals during short training sessions, this is to build her food drive and engagement with me.

She attended her first group training session, where she saw many new and scary things, such as chickens, other dogs of various breeds and also lots of noises. She sat and watched the whole 1 hour session, whilst I worked her dad. She's a brave and curious little pup :-D

At home and in-between, lots of playtime, we have been working on our sit and down positions as well as the pivot box, which we will keep working on over the next few weeks.

All in all, a great week with this little lady <3

Click HERE for a little more information on the Pivot Box and what it is used for :-)

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